Three types of hub puller can be used for removing a wheel hub - a bar type, a screw type and an arm type. All bolt on to wheel studs and have a centre screw that bears on the stub axle; the screw is turned to withdraw the hub. Bar types are cheapest; screw or arm types can be hired.

Bar and screw types usually fit over only two wheel studs and are turned with a socket spanner. Of the two, screw types are more versatile and more satisfactory.

The best tool is an arm puller, which has two, three or four adjustable pulling arms that each bolt on to a stud, and a turning handle with a centre screw. Spare arms can be fitted. Multi-purpose pullers that work in the same way but have hooked arms for gripping parts such as gears and pulleys are also available. They include triple-grip pullers for removing a steering wheel.

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