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If you’re a journalist or blogger and you’d like to use our illustrations and technical drawings then there’s good news: we’re down for that! You can use our illustrations with or without labels, you can also add your own labels if you need to.

There are some rules:

  1. The picture in your article must link back to the article on How a Car Works.
  2. Somewhere in your article should be a text link back to our original article. This link must not be a nofollow link.
  3. You can use a maximum of four of our illustrations for a single article, and no more than 50 illustrations per publisher, per month.
  4. You cannot place your own branding or watermark on the images. But you don't have to use our branding either.
  5. You cannot use our illustrations in print without explicit permission.

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To sign up (it’s completely free) email and we’ll set you up with access so you can search our library and download high-resolution versions of the illustrations.