A good, strong tyre lever is useful as a lever for jobs such as checking wear in steering ball joints or adjusting the generator. Home car mechanics do not need levers for tyre removal and refitting, a job for a specialist.

A tire iron (also tire lever or tyre lever) is a specialized metal tool used in working with tires.

Tire irons have not been in common use for automobile tires since the shift to the use of tubeless tires in the late 1950s. The term is occasionally mistakenly used to refer to a lug wrench (esp. US), which is included along with a spare tire and jack on most new cars.

Bicycle tire irons are still in use for those tires which have a separate inner tube, and can have a hooked C-shape cut into one end of the iron so that it may be hooked on a bicycle spoke to hold it in place.

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