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Points to remember when overtaking Motorcyclists Lorries If you are following a lorry, pull back to giveyourself a better view of the road ahead. Other overtakers Never overtake on the tail of another car. Youcannot tell how much time or room you haveto get past the vehicle ahead. Side turnings Overtaking across the mouth of a side-turning or junction is dangerous. A car aboutto pull out into the main stream of traffic maynot see you. Watch out for motorcyclists coming up fastbehind you. They may try to swerve in andout of the traffic. Mirrors Keep a close eye on your mirrors beforeovertaking to make sure that nobodybehind you is trying to jump the queue andovertake you. Pedestrian crossings Overtaking on a pedestrian crossing isboth illegal and dangerous.

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Overtaking with care

Overtaking is probably the most dangerous manoeuvre you can make in everyday motoring. Although t...