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Driving in busy traffic Junctions Don't enter unlessyou can see a clearexit. Articulatedtrucks Road widening Buses Junctions Cyclists Remember thatthey may have totake a very wideroute around acorner, so watchtheir indicators. Nearer to the trafficlights there is roomfor two cars on eachside - but don't try tomake two lanes tooearly. Always let them out.They have schedulesto keep and you won'tdelay yourself much. Leave room forother drivers tocontinue to usethe junction -even if you arestationary. Watch out for themcoming up on theinside, especially ifyou are turning left.

In town driving you may encounter many other road-users in many different types of vehicle - most of them wanting to go in different directions. Reduce congestion and tempers by letting other drivers in and out of junctions and trying to anticipate other people's moves - even if they give no signal.

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Making allowances for other road users

Consideration for other road-users is one of the most important assets a driver can have. Not al...